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The crux of the Madeira Film Festival is pay homage to the resilience of  Madeira’s endemic Laurel Forest. a UNESCO world heritage site. A celebration of nature through the power of film our intention is to screen films which are unsettling & profound  hopefully impinging upon the viewers imagination. We try to offer the delegate an experience through watching films, or participating in one of the events.

Interactive Digital Stories Track

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The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) in collaboration with the Madeira Film Festival (MFF) are organizing the Madeira Film Festival – Interactive Digital Stories Track 2018. MFF-Interactive Digital Stories Track 2018 aims to foster a discussion about new forms of interactive digital storytelling.


Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal, is an archipelago comprising 4 islands off the northwest coast of Africa. It’s known for its namesake wine and warm, subtropical climate. The main island of Madeira is volcanic, green and rugged, with high cliffs, pebbly beaches and settlements on deltas of the Fajã River. Capital Funchal has botanic gardens and is known for its harbor and a large New Year’s fireworks show.


The 7th edition of the Madeira Film Festival is most fortunate to offer four workshops. Two of which focus on acting for the screen conducted by Hungarian actress Dorka Gryllus  and Portuguese actress Daniella Love. A masterclass pertaining to the  evolution of horror film will be taken by J. Monteiro and also a workshop on how to shoot media with your mobile phone by L. Sequiro and E. Felipe. For full workshop info please visit this link.

Workshop : Cinema Mobile Luísa Sequeira e Sama.

19 de Maio (10:00 – 13:00) –


Descrição: Este workshop abordará o uso do telemóvel como ferramenta para o cinema mobile.
Em foco vão estar as práticas consequentes da democratização do cinema a partir dos dispositivos móveis, com a oportunidade de serem estudados alguns filmes feitos com telemóvel e os acessórios utilizados para a produção de filmes mobile. Tel : 91 374 7592 elsa@madeirafilmfestival.com

Workshop : Dorka Gryllus [Para Actores Profissionais]

19 de Maio (10:00 – 13:00)

O workshop abordará as diferenças entre representar em palco e para a câmera e como gerir a energia durante as rodagens. Será também abordado questões por exemplo: “Como fazer um casting e um e-casting” “Como se comportar num evento cinematográfico” e “Como se auto-promover”. Este workshop é GRATUITO, no entanto destina-se a apenas a actores e a inscrição terá de ser feita através do email: elsa@madeirafilmfestival.com


João Monteiro

20 de Maio (10:00 – 13:00)

Descrição: Esta masterclass é destinada a todos os interessados pelo cinema em geral e pelos géneros cinematográficos em particular. Trata-se uma contextualização artística e sócio-política do Terror enquanto género, entender a sua popularidade em 100 anos de cinema e fornecer umacinefilia básica e compreensiva dos filmes. elsa@madeirafilmfestival.com

Workshop : Interpretação para iniciantes. Daniela Love.

17 e 18 de Maio (10:00 – 13:00) Descrição: Direcionado a não atores/ amadores pretende ser uma primeira abordagem ao que é o trabalho do ator. Os dois blocos de trabalho propõem explorar, através de jogos de improvisação, o sentido de grupo, incentivando a escuta e a reação a estímulos externos; trabalhar o texto e o sub-texto e orientar a construção de personagem.

5 Euros. 

Contact : 91 374 7592 / elsa@madeirafilmfestival.com

About the Madeira Film Festival

7 years of independent film.

Festival Catalogue 2018.


The Madeira Film Festival is non competitive, as opposed to filmmakers vying for the ‘best’ film, each attending delegate will become the Ambassador of the Laurissilva Forest ( an endemic species of trees found on Madeira. We attempt to screen impinging films to both a local audience and island visitors, should the exhibiting filmmaker be present the audience may have the opportunity to journey further into the film via a Q and A session. The festival has now completed it’s 6th edition with many previous guests returning. We are a small, intimate festival but relationships both personal and industrial are forged easily by virtue of the location. MFF also presents  various events which compliment the week including fashion, plays, gala dinner and  excursions to the Laurissilva Forest.

The Madeira Film Festival is staged at  the Municipal Theatre plus other satellite venues within Funchal.  The Municipal Theatre  ( Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias ) is indeed a  most aesthetically pleasing venue, we consider ourselves very lucky to present the films here in the centre of Funchal, the theatre holds up to 300 persons. We hope to offer both the audience and exhibiting filmmakers a memorable  experience, virtue of location ought to sustain this remit and as MFF is indeed an intimate festival past editions indicate that both business and personal relationships are forged and maintained readily.

Facts And Figure About MFF

An intimate festival where friends and business contacts are easily forged


Days of festivities, films, events, parties an workshops annually.


Screening venues : Teatro Municipal & NOS Forum Madeira.


Since it’s inception MFF has screened over 250 films.


Years of independent film

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  • On April 30th I arrived into Madeira to perform for Madeira’s first Film Festival.

    On April 30th I arrived into Madeira to perform for Madeira’s first Film Festival. On arrival, I was graciously welcomed by Aitken and Federica, from the Film Festival. The next day, I had the day off to take in the natural beauty of the Island. It’s magical. I went for a swim in the ocean, took a stroll around the beautiful gardens and had lunch by the pool at the Hotel I was staying at, The Reid’s Palace Hotel, it’s magnificent! I had the honor of meeting President Jardim of Madeira at the “meet and greet” cocktail event for the film festival before the concert. The concert was in a beautiful theater and the crowd was welcoming and energizing. I was very proud to be part of this film festival with a unique focus on the ecology. I want to especially thank Isabel Dantas and Aitken Pearson for inviting me to such a special event. It was my great honor and pleasure to be there to celebrate their first Film Festival and look forward to going back soon. Kyle Eastwood

    Kyle Eastwood
  • There’s something special about islands, isn’t there? 

    A unique feeling of solitude, a deeply ingrained sense of security and an exotic charm that only comes from being surrounded on all sides by the ocean. The island of Madeira is situated in the Atlantic, north-west of the Canary Islands and close enough to Africa to ensure great weather all year round. My trip to the island’s capital, Funchal was timed to coincide with the 5th annual Madeira Film Festival. An eclectic mix of independent films alongside Hollywood’s finest were among the treats in store at the Municipal Theatre, a gorgeous historic building in the capital’s old town.

    Scottish Field
  • Dedicated to the preservation of the Madeira’s indigenous Laurisilva forest,

    Dedicated to the preservation of the Madeira’s indigenous Laurisilva forest, the festival highlighted 17 feature films and 39 shorts from across the globe — all accompanied by glass after glass of the island’s namesake Madeira wine. (Madeira wine actually has strong roots in America; the Founding Fathers had a particular affinity for it, even using it to toast the Declaration of Independence.) A non-competitive event, where each entrant receives an award dedicated to their role in preserving Madeira’s forest, the festival showcases a series of mostly independent films that focus on nature. As the festival founder Aitken Pearson said, “it’s not merely about the premier of the latest film — it’s a celebration of nature.”

    Huffington Post

Enabling an experience

While esteeming the natural world


The Madeira Film Festival (MFF) is  nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and celebrate the art of film by creating a dynamic forum for artistic, social and cultural awareness within Madeira’s local community.

We stive to achieve this by :

Dom Duarte Pio de Bragança

The Madeira Film Festival is most humbled and honoured that Dom Duarte Duke of Braganza has accepted  to be the festivals  patron.

Dom Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza is a claimant to the Portuguese throne, as the head of the House of Braganza. The Miguelist Braganzas, to whom Duarte Pio belongs as great-grandson of King Miguel I, is a cadet branch of the House of Braganza

Film Festival Tourism

5 Reasons to attend MFF

  • An International annual film event staged on the number 1 island destination in the world.
  • Exceptional views and locations.
  • A small and intimate festival where friends and business contacts are easily forged.
  • One of the most safe and secure destinations worldwide
  • Approximately 3 hours from major European hubs.


Meet the team

Hope to see you soon!

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