Madeira Film Festival

To screen impinging, unsettling films thus creating an experience for the viewer


The crux of the Madeira Film Festival is to homage to Madeira’s endemic Laurissilva Forest. A UNESCO world heritage site. Celebration of nature through the power of film,  our intention is to exhibit films which are unsettling, profound and will hopefully impinge upon the viewers imagination. We hope that attendees undergoes an experience br it though watching film in the Municipal Theatre or participating in one of the engaging workshops.

Some Observations :

What’s the purpose of Madeira Film Festival in 2020?

It’s sharing. Thanks to global digitalization film festivals are now an exceptional tool for crossing the communication channels from the most distant places. MFF IS helping at the frontline of an increasingly polarized world. Speaking multiple languages, the small and intimate festival  gives you the ability to hear a rich diversity of voices from the divided areas. Whatever happens in the farthest place of the world, it occupies the festival screens within the next year. The information you get is much more complex than in TV news and there is a chance to speak to characters or witnesses of the stories directly. Obviously, this contradicts the glamourous festivals of red carpets and dress codes, which are likely to remain in our nostalgic golden past.

What is your festival doing that other film festivals worldwide could learn from?

The story of our festival is a classic case study on how one can transform reality and run a film festival in a place with relatively removed from mainland Europe. i.e. an island in the Atlantic Ocean. We had nothing except the idea and a few crazy friends. That’s how Madeira  Film Festival was established in Madeira 8 years ago. Now the situation has dramatically changed. We run one the most important independent  events in Portugal, while launching dozens of other projects aimed at film education.

What is your festival doing that other film festivals worldwide could learn from?

Creating a warm, non-competitive and visitor-friendly atmosphere for filmmakers, volunteers, guests and audience. Intimate experience for every film festival!