Madeira Film Festival

Paying homage to Madeira's endemic Laurel Forest.


All attendees of the Madeira Film Festival, by default become ‘Ambassador’s Of The Laurel Forest” One of the original remits of MFF is to esteem the endemic Laurel Forest which due it’s resilience to maintain water has  survived mans extermination, notably fire by virtue of their innate ability to maintain water. The four species of these unique and special trees are easily found in the Fanal region of Madeira.

Dedicated to the preservation of the Madeira’s indigenous Laurisilva forest, the festival highlighted 17 feature films and 39 shorts from across the globe — all accompanied by glass after glass of the island’s namesake Madeira wine. (Madeira wine actually has strong roots in America; the Founding Fathers had a particular affinity for it, even using it to toast the Declaration of Independence.) A non-competitive event, where each entrant receives an award dedicated to their role in preserving Madeira’s forest, the festival showcases a series of mostly independent films that focus on nature. As the festival founder Aitken Pearson said, “it’s not merely about the premier of the latest film — it’s a celebration of nature.”


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