Madeira Film Festival. Redefining itself after 7 magical editions.

W ith the seventh edition of the Madeira Film Festival concluding in April 2018 having screened such poignant films as Loveless and The Butcher The Whore & The One Eyed Man, of which both lead actresses were in attendance, the festival team in collaboration with Funchal City Hall & Regional Government decided to push 8th edition back to 2020 in order to bypass the forthcoming elections on Madeira and also to have more ammunition so as to curate a stronger event. The original crux of the festival i.e. to esteem Madeira’s endemic Laurel Forest continues however as opposed to initially screening only films which have a direct connotation with the natural world we deem it appropriate to exhibit films from all genres drawing from a broad spectrum of content. The Municipal Theatre in Funchal is indeed a historic and wonderful venue for short filmmakers to present their work and engage in a Q & A thus affording the audience to journey farer and deep into the film.

Submissions are open via three platforms : FILMFREEWAY, FILM FESTIVAL LIFE & FESTHOME, at the discretion of the MFF team trailers from submissions will be added to the ”MFF STUDIO” available for world to watch along with a brief synopsis and i data about the filmmaker. Madeira Film Festival is an intimate one, where friends and business connections are readily forged and maintained, by sheer virtue of location we fervently believe Madeira Film Festival to be one of most sought after in the world, perhaps due to the temperate climate, safety and aesthetically pleasing venues.



A unique feeling of solitude, a deeply ingrained sense of security and an exotic charm that only comes from being surrounded on all sides by an ocean. The island of Madeira is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, north west of the Canary Islands and close enough to Africa to ensure great weather year round. My trip to the islands capital, Funchal was timed to coincide with the 5th Madeira Film Festival. An eclectic mix of independent film with stars from around the world were among the treats in store at the Municipal Theatre in Funchal . a gorgeous historic building.

- Scottish Field

On April 30th I arrived into Madeira to perform for Madeira’s first Film Festival. On arrival, I was graciously welcomed by Aitken and Federica, from the Film Festival. The next day, I had the day off to take in the natural beauty of the Island. It’s magical. I went for a swim in the ocean, took a stroll around the beautiful gardens and had lunch by the pool at the Hotel I was staying at, The Reid’s Palace Hotel, it’s magnificent! I had the honor of meeting President Jardim of Madeira at the “meet and greet” cocktail event for the film festival before the concert. The concert was in a beautiful theater and the crowd was welcoming and energizing. I was very proud to be part of this film festival with a unique focus on the ecology. I want to especially thank Isabel Dantas and Aitken Pearson for inviting me to such a special event. It was my great honor and pleasure to be there to celebrate their first Film Festival and look forward to going back soon. Kyle Eastwood

- Kyle Eastwood

Dedicated to the preservation of Madeira's endemic Laurel Forest, the festival highlighted 17 feature films and 39 shorts from around the world - all accompanied by glass after glass of the islands namesake Madeira Wine. A non competitive event whereby all entrants receive an award dedicated to their role in preserving the aforementioned forest. The festival screens a series of mainly independent film that bear a relationship with nature. As festival founder, Aitken Pearson says '' It's not merely about the screening of the lated premiere, it's a celebration of nature''

- Huffington Post



When is the next edition of the Madeira Film Festival?

Please bear with us while we determine the next dates for the Madeira Film Festival. The event will now become a biennial festival.

Do you offer Fee Waivers?

Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer fee waivers, also this would be frightfully unfair on filmmakers who have paid a submission fee.

How do I get a festival pass to see all films?

Quisque rutrum. Yes, all delegates receive a complimentary pass which will enable all screenings both features and shorts.

What can I expect from the festival?

The Madeira Film Festival is a small and intimate event whereby we screen films in the historic Municipal Theatre in the centre of Funchal. Tickets per screening cost a nominal four euros and we offer the an experience, one wihtout the distrcting sound of popcorn or trailers.

Will my trailer be screened on your website?

Yes, we screen all trailers from films that are submitted via one of the submission platforms. We hope this gives you some exposure irrespective of whether your film will be an official submission or not

If my film is accepted am I obliged to partake in a Q and A?
To be candid, yes! If you are attending the festival we believe  that the audience can journey further and deeper into the film and indeed the making of the film by interaction with the films creator.[/vc_column_text]
Why isn't the Madeira Film Festival competitive?

Well, firstly there are just too many film festivals with contenders vying for a prize, we believe making a film and having it presented in front of a real audience in an aesthetically pleasing environment is reward for all the hard work and effort involved in the creation process. All MFF attendees become ambassadors of the Laurissilva Forest.