drama / romance


A young villager gets caught in a tragicomic tug-o-war, when a strange sphere, tracked by a foreign intelligence agency, crash-lands into his potato field..

Director Statement

I am in love with Cyprus’ rural part of the population and their way of life. I find the straightforwardness of the village folk, and their kind cordiality, all the while strenuously leading their harsh day-to-day routines, immensely inspirational. I have always wanted to make a film that would portray this humble setting, and somehow rival it to more conventional ways, within the framework of a rudimentary narrative. Avoiding the stereotypical ethnographic comedies of the genre, the storyline intertwines the lives of the local villagers with the intelligence agents, combining the peasant-like naivety with international conspiracies and intrigues, conveying similarities that the latter has with the run-of-the-mill village rivalries and their struggle for authority and ownership.
The style of the film, and its multifaceted approach, with its messy, peculiar but contemplated shape, is very much like myself. I am indebted to my friends and family for their support, the actors and non-actors that took part in this peripatetic journey of discovery, sometimes even wandering off of the more conventional narrative paths, exploring and embracing the authenticity of the village folk I admire so much – Simon Farmakas




Simon Farmakas


Athos Antoniou,Kika Georgiou,Tim Ahern,Antonis Katsaris,Andreas Melekkis