A boy’s father vanished. The story is set in Sado island, Japan. He thinks a father was taken away by a monster.

Director Biography – Tetsuya Tomina

Tetsuya TOMINA was born in Kushiro of Hokkaido, Japan and went to the UK to study filmmaking at London Film School.
After coming back to Japan, He has started “TETSUYA to MINA film” with a producer, Mina HATANAKA.
His short film, “At the Last Stop Called Ghost Chimney” (2013), was selected at 18th BUSAN IFF’s Wide Angle Competition, won “BLENCONG AWARDS” in 8th JOGJA-NETPAC Asian FF and was screened in many film festivals across the world.
“Blue Wind Blows” (2018) (Originally titled SMOKE ON THE WATER) which won 2015 Asian Cinema Fund’s script development fund and also was selected in 2015 Asian Project Market by BUSAN IFF, is his debut feature film.

Director Statement

Things are constantly changing, would be never the same. What is seen from one angle
can look totally different from the other. It seems to me we are like a phenomenon flickering light of a lamp, sometimes become visible and sometimes not.This film is to tell of that uncertainty of being, and childhood we all once go though.


Tetsuya Tomina

Mina Hatanaka


Hizuki Tanaka