“When the dogs are gone” is a series of five short stories, exploring the Inuit identity and the future of the Arctic’s largest remaining sled dog population.

For thousands of years the genetically unique sled dog has shaped the life of the Inuit people. Today, global and local changes are threatening the future of the sled dog in Greenland, and the unique culture surrounding it. In this documentary series, we take on a reflective journey to the far North to experience the value of sled dogs directly from those whose cultural identity is at risk.

The series consists of five portraits across Greenland, that unveil the significance of this unique relationship and give voice to a conversation about the future of the sled dog.

The documentary series is part of a large scientific project on the sled dog culture and the genetic origins of the sled dog. The project is called ‘Qimmeq – The Greenlandic sled dog’ is under the University of Greenland, the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen.


Frederik Wolff

Martin Madsen,Nick Kristensen,Ville Siegstad,Johanne Bech,Alfred Olsen

Sound Editor

Bjørn Vidø


Jacob David,Thomas Haarh,Nukâka Coster-Waldau