Animals are true superheroes. They have superpowers that we humans can only dream of. Some grow back their limbs after they have lost them. Others let huge bones grow on their heads at a rapid speed. And some can go into hibernation for months without losing muscle. Their skills could help humans against Alzheimer’s, heart attack and osteoporosis. But these superpowers are still a mystery. How do animals do that? Scientists are trying to solve the riddles to help save human lives. The filmmaker Heiko De Groot has visited eight research projects in Europe and America. His documentary shows impressively how animals can help us to save human lives and by that presents another argument on how important it is to conserve biodiversity.

Director Biography – Heiko De Groot

His films are broadcasted by ARD, Arte, NDR and WDR. They have been awarded several prizes including the “Horst Stern Prize” for “Best Wildlife Film 2016” and a nomination for a “Golden Camera” in 2011 in the category “Best Information”. For more than 25 years Heiko De Groot has been producing content with his little media manufactory in the beginning for newspapers, magazines and radio programmes. After a Master of Arts degree in German language and political sciences and a traineeship at the NDR (North German Television) he started working for television. Since 2007 he focuses on producing reportages and documentaries.



Heiko De Groot


Heiko De Groot


Nico Klaukien

3D Artist

Olivier Michon

Executive Producer

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