The couple, Venugopal and Anita, though there are usual tiffs between the husband and the wife, lead a healthy family life. Anita strives to be independent and tries to find a job for herself to be so. Venugopal is a government employee. They have a daughter named Sreelakshmi alias Ummi. Venugopal’s love for his daughter Ummi knows no bounds. As far as Ummi is concerned she needs her father’s help for every single thing she does. One day Ummi feels dizziness at school and falls unconscious. On examination the doctor reveals the shocking fact that Ummi is pregnant. Though Ummi is interrogated thoroughly she says she knows nothing about this. At a counselling session at the school Lissi teacher suspects that Venugopal himself is esponsible for making his daughter pregnant. Venugopal fails to make out the reason for people’s angry reactions on seeing him. He is thunder struck on realising the reason for the reaction of the people. The present day news stories appear in different media in Kerala which are replete with cases of child abuse add fuel to the spreading rumours.


Director’s Biography

Suveeran is a film and drama director from Kozhikode dist of Kerala state in India. His first movie Byari won the Indian National Film Award for Best Film in 2011. This is the first feature film to be made in the Beary language.
Suveeran is a native of Azhiyur, Kozhikode, Kerala State in India. After completing his course at the School of Drama, Calicut University, Trichur, and the School of Performing Arts, Pondicherry, though he was expelled from the National School of Drama, Delhi in his final year. Recognized as an actor, director and painter, he has to his credit almost thirty plays and four short films which have also received many awards. He has also published articles in leading periodicals in Kerala, published many short stories and a novelette and translated the plays Yerma, Island and Crime Passional into Malayalam.

Suveeran started his career as a director in Malayalam amateur drama, and first came to notice with his plays Agni, and Udambadokkolam. He secured the Sangeetha Nataka Academy awards for three years and the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award in 2011 for his latest drama Ayussinte Pusthakam.







Music Composer